Makes National Launch at World of Concrete

ZamRay allows contractors to place surplus inventory into a construction-only, online, and proprietary classified advertising marketplace.

Las Vegas, NV -- It used to be that general and specialty contractors had little or no choice with their surplus inventory when coming off a project. Previously, their options were to try to return the inventory to the supplier, with limited success. Or they could try to find someone in the secondary market through their own connections, which was time consuming and costly. Most often, the contractor would be forced to keep the inventory and write it off, making the project less profitable. The days of "eating" those costs are now over.

ZamRay introduces a new website that connects the construction industry in a variety of ways. At its core, ZamRay allows contractors to place their surplus inventory into a construction-only, online, and proprietary classified advertising marketplace. This effectively opens up the surplus materials to thousands of prospective buyers across the United States. Buyers can search by material type, geography or price. ZamRay's escrow partner,, can back the transaction, giving the buyer the ability to purchase with confidence.

While ZamRay is ideal for excess inventory, it also allows companies to buy and sell construction equipment, vehicles and real estate. And it allows companies and individuals to post resumes or jobs, join the service directory for future project bid opportunities and obtain access to industry-related articles and news among other benefits.

Best of all, as a guest of the site, ZamRay is absolutely free. Guests can search for inventory, equipment, supplies, careers and inquire about those items with the posting company. Sellers will need to register with ZamRay to ensure the postings are legitimate and all classified advertisements for materials, vehicles or jobs are only $25 each. Should a buyer and seller come to terms on materials and agree to shipping and pricing, there is no other investment. If the buyer and seller are looking for a little more protection, the transaction can take place through ZamRay's escrow partner,, where the seller pays a small percentage of the cost of goods sold.

"We were lucky enough to be a part of pre-launch members that got early access to ZamRay," said Joe Dopler, VP Operations from Northern Electric. "In just the short time we've been on ZamRay, we've already posted 20 items and have sold two items we probably would have written off in the past. ZamRay worked great."

For companies interested in trying ZamRay, the classified advertisements are free and unlimited through February 28, 2011. After February 28, 2011, ZamRay's special incentive for first-time customers is that they receive four free classified ads with their initial classified ad purchase.

Interested companies can visit ZamRay at or contact ZamRay at 303-877-6088.

About ZamRay is the premier online resource for all sectors of the construction industry. The site includes useful categories such as: materials marketplace; used equipment listings; services directory; employment; news; and connections. More importantly, it is a community of construction professionals from the field to the office, coast to coast.