Dodge MarketShare Will Help Contractors Forecast More Accurately

Business intelligence tool provides historical analyses and forecasts, helping construction contractors identify market opportunities

McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge launched Dodge MarketShare, a new subscription-based business intelligence tool that provides historical analyses and forecasts based on real construction industry projects, enabling construction executives to more accurately identify market opportunities and align their resources.

Powered by the data in Dodge Reports, MarketShare offers a rich, historical database of project starts as well as forecast data based on relevant contextual market insight and viewpoints from Dodge’s team of noted economists and research analysts. The web-based product offers configurable dashboards with customization by geography as well as market interest.

The features in Dodge MarketShare were developed to answer the strategic questions that construction industry executives need to gain competitive edge. The dashboards extract data from the projects to answer:

  • How does my salesforce performance compare against the market?
  • Which vertical market sectors are growing?
  • Where should I prioritize my efforts, including projects’ value class, story height, owner type and other criteria?
  • Are my sales forecasts and targets realistic based on market dynamics and my competitive position?