Risk Management & Having an 831(b) Plan

This Digging Deeper Podcast episode discusses the 831(b) tax code and how construction businesses can benefit from setting aside excess cash flow to ensure the uncommon, unforeseen, uninsurable types of risk within a business.

Risk Management & Having an 831(b) Plan
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This Digging Deeper podcast features an interview with Clay Odgen, a National Business Development Manager at SRA 831(b). As a former professional golfer on the Nationwide, Web.com, Canadian, and mini-tours, Clay nurtures many of his business relationships on the course and brings more than 12 years in risk mitigation to identify opportunities and consult with clients and representatives. He joins editor Jonathan Kozlowski in defining the 831(b), what’s involved in an 831(b) plan, and how construction companies and contractors can benefit.

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