Jon-Don Announces Advanced Decorative Concrete Staining Seminars

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Have you ever walked into a building with a unique design stained into the concrete (from simple lettering and a logo to a floor that looks like the bottom of a riverbed) and wished you knew how to do that? Stop wishing and start learning!

Mastering the art of decorative concrete staining is a unique, valuable, and profitable skill. If you already know how to transform a dull gray slab into a beautiful, highly polished surface, this hands-on two-day course will teach you how to take things to the next level and create a masterpiece!

From the basic chemistry of dyes and solvent carriers to the finer techniques of working with stencils or even freehand, this course will show you how to create both simple and intricate designs. You’ll learn how to properly prepare the job site and as well as how to successfully and profitably bid and estimate your work.

Pre-requisite: You must have successfully completed Concrete Polishing Skills prior to taking this course.

What you'll learn...

  • Chemistry of dyes and solvent carriers
  • Decorative polished concrete stain and dye process
  • Design techniques
  • Job site preparation and project considerations
  • Floor design templates and layout procedures
  • Working with free-hand and with stencils
  • Decorative scoring techniques
  • Bidding and estimating strategies

Class Schedule:

  • October 8-9: Atlanta, Ga.
  • October 22-23: Seattle, Wash.
  • November 12-13: Tampa Bay, Fla.

The cost of the seminar is $269.

Space is limited! To reserve your seat today, call 800-400-9473 or visit:


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