Dexter + Chaney Expands Access to Spectrum Software


Dexter + Chaney, providers of Spectrum Construction Software announced they will use their customizable Dashboard to expand access to all employees of companies that use Spectrum. Without the need to purchase additional licenses, a company can choose to give access to the Spectrum Dashboard to any and all employees.
• The Spectrum Dashboard includes a large number of pre-built apps that each user can choose to place on their desktop.
• Apps tie directly into Spectrum’s database, ensuring that all the information presented is up-to-minute accurate.
• Users with appropriate permission can modify apps, and with some minimal training can create custom apps themselves.
• Pre-built Dashboard apps include graphical reports of construction job cost, cash flow alerts, job progress, change order notifications, to do lists, and even RSS feeds from relevant online media.
• Spectrum has been designed for a cloud computing environment, meaning anyone can pick up virtually any device with a browser and log in to their system from wherever they are working.

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