Chicago's 'New School Model' Preparing Students for Careers in Construction Trades

Custom-made curriculum will provide students with learning aligned with industry demands and exposure to professional practices

Chicago Sun Times

Previously Dunbar Vocation High School in Chicago will become the Construction Trades Campus at Dunbar starting with the fall 2016 school year. The "new school model" will be to prepare students for careers in the building trades and, hopefully, provide students with an alternative to gang participation.

Education is Key to Recruit, Develop the New Construction Workforce

“If you graduate from high school and you have a tomorrow you’re thinking about, you’re not going to do something stupid today," Chicago's Mayor Emanuel said. "A skill, an education, a training, gives you a tomorrow to live for.”

Nationwide Initiatives Work to Recruit Construction Laborers

The school's new curriculum, developed with building trades experts, is custom-made to align learning with industry demands. The school will offer an intensive, two-year option for students from schools throughout the city. It will provide access to the construction trade industry and the skills to pursue different career paths in the industry.

Apprenticeships are Still a Viable Source of Construction Workforce Development

Partnerships with McCormick Place construction firms and trade unions will ensure students have exposure to professional practices.

Hands-on Training Opportunities Create Interest in Construction Jobs

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