Instructor Operating Station (IOS)

CM Labs' all-in-one solution for monitoring, assessing and engaging trainees and complements Vortex simulators

Cm Labs Ios
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CM Labs Simulations' Instructor Operating Station (IOS) is a dedicated solution for directing, monitoring and assessing trainees. It is designed to complement CM Labs' Vortex simulators.

  • Smart monitoring tools enable 360-degree perspective on trainee progress
  • Enables instructors to initiate Vortex simulator exercise sessions
  • Options include ability to set time of day and weather conditions
  • Instructors can inject machine faults including engine stalls, hydraulic failures and line breaks
  • Instructors can enable tandem lift exercises
  • Tracks all operating metrics during training exercises and rolls them into a single score that updates in real time
  • Customize scoring system and establish benchmarks
  • Generate reports highlighting scoring, selected instructor bookmarks, notes and charts
  • Instructors can control virtual characters within the training environment for "on the ground" perspective
  • Built-in signaler functionality provides virtual hand signals to operator
  • Automated monitoring tools including complete real-time recording and reporting of machine and performance data

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