Supporting a Charity Combats the No. 1 Cause of Construction-Employee Deaths

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By Lindsey Horton, Corporate Partnerships Officer, Jessie May

There are many documented reasons why it is good for your business to support charities. From reinforcing your brand identity and increasing your reach through a partnership, to helping in the local community and creating greater PR opportunities.

One of the most important reasons for partnering with charity is the positive impact it has on employee wellbeing and mental health.

Suicide Prevention: Lifesaving Tips for Construction Workers

Research suggests that acts of giving and kindness can help improve your mental wellbeing. Studies have shown that giving is beneficial for combating stress, depression and anxiety and also serves to keep you mentally stimulated, improve your self-confidence and provide you with a sense of purpose.

The Construction industry in the UK is known for its mental health difficulties. A 2020 report form the CIOB* states that “Mental ill-health is a silent crisis within the construction industry, with males 3 times more likely to commit suicide than those in other sectors.”

 Study Examines Why Construction Workers Have Such High Suicide Rates

Companies need to have well thought out mental wellbeing support for their employees. Part of this could include working with charities or community groups.

Volunteering or supporting a charity is a proven way that can help your staff. The health benefits associated with giving can include:

  • Creating positive feelings and a sense of reward
  • Giving you a feeling of purpose and self-worth
  • Helping you to connect with other people
  •  Lower blood pressure
  • Lessen depression
  • Lower stress levels
  • Longer life
  • Greater happiness and satisfaction

Research has shown that when you look at the MRI scans of subjects who give to charities, it is found that the mesolimbic pathways of the brain are stimulated. This is the reward centre of the brain and creates what is known as the ‘helpers high’.

Raising money for charities is a vital support, especially since the start of the pandemic. But as a company you may also be able to offer other support, through donating time, experience, equipment or even gifts. Volunteering at a charity can help your employees learn new skills, meet new people and help develop their confidence in new areas.

“At Willmott Dixon we are committed to the communities we work in and the people that we work with," says Neal Stephens, the Wales and West managing director for UK contractor Willmott Dixon. "From supporting charities such as Jessie May in Bristol to investing in and raising mental health awareness amongst employees, partners and customers. Our staff nominated the Jessie May Hospice as the recipient of our monthly Community Chest donation initiative and donations from our Bristol based projects, we were delighted to be able to support this wonderful charity.” 

If your business is looking to make a difference to others, your community and your employees, supporting charity could be the action you need to take. Choose a charity that has a deep connection to yourself and your staff and all will benefit.

This opinion offered by Lindsey Horton, corporate partnerships officer at UK-based philanthropy, Jessie May