Safety and Technology Combine to Prevent Injuries

SafetyNet software collects safety data to identify trends that can affect workers' safety

Safety is a common topic covered in the Construction Pros Toolbox blog. Another popular focus on FCP is technology. So it makes sense to mention a recent press release for a software solution that combines safety and technology to help keep workers safe on the job.

SafetyNet is a software solution from Predictive Solutions. The software collects safety data and then uses "predictive analytics to identify trends that can affect workers' safety." And like many other services available today, there's an app for that, too. IPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can download the SafetyNet App for mobile use.

What are the benefits to this combination of technology and safety?

1. It removes manual data entry steps required by a paper method. This saves time, can help keep safety data more organized and ensures the data is kept in one place.

2. With the predictive analytics letting managers and workers know where workplace injuries could be likely to occur, there's less of a chance for oversight and a possible safety hazard (unless those receiving the analytics choose to ignore the possibilities).

3. And, the biggest benefit of course, the possibility to improve safety on the jobsite and help get your employees and coworkers home safe from every job.

I'm sure there are many other successful methods contractors use to manage workplace safety whether it is with the aid of technology or not. The important message is to make sure you are not only managing your safety everyday, but also use that information to look to the near or far future and consider any possible safety hazards that may develop.