Working in the Sky: Fall Protection Updates from STAFDA 2020

Werner featured fall protection products and equipment in the 2020 Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association STAFDA Virtual event.

Werner Max Patrol SRL Fall Protection
The Werner Max Patrol 11' Self Retracting Lifeline replaces the previous 10' model.

The 2020 Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA) Virtual event took place November 8-10. Of the announcements, Werner featured its fall protection equipment for the jobsite – for both the worker as well as their equipment.

Avoid Damage

Werner Leading Edge Protected Cable Harness CableThe Leading Edge Lanyard provides features a length of protected cable. Less worry on if the concrete edge will break your life-saving SRL strap.WernerWhile working at a height may require fall protection, any potential damage to the strap itself can pose a significant threat to the worker. If you are up at height with exposed concrete edges, B-Deck, precast concrete and steel beams, the risk of damaging your safety gear is constant. Werner decided to change that by simply replacing the strap with a 6' lanyard featuring a 7x19 vinyl-coated galvanized aircraft-grade steel cable.

Rated for a 12’ free fall for users up to 310 lbs. (rated to 400 lbs. for a six-foot fall), the cable is the traditional six-foot length and includes a leading edge shock pack energy absorption section.  


  • Tested and approved for leading edge use over steel beam, B-Deck and precast concrete
  • Made with ¼ inch 7x19 vinyl coated galvanized aircraft grade steel cable
  • Rated for a 12’ free fall for users up to 310 pounds (141 kg)
  • Rated to 400 lbs. (181 kg) for up to a 6’ free fall
  • Steel snap hooks are self-locking with a minimum tensile break strength of 5,000 lbs., and a 3,600-lb. gate rating

As quoted in the release, “These new lanyards really show how safety is in our DNA,” says Eric Miller, director of product management at Werner. “As a team, we’re dedicated to fall protection, which includes post-fall safety. We already have an excellent selection of lanyards that provide advanced features, styles and attributes, but leading edge workers on steel and concrete structures have unique safety needs. We use aircraft-grade steel cables that can stand strong against other tough materials, and our innovative DeCoil technology decreases impact at the end of a fall. Those factors ensure that our leading edge fall protection lanyards perform when it matters most.”

Walk-Around (More) Freely

Also featured at STAFDA’s 2020 Virtual Event was a one-foot upgrade to the Werner Max Patrol Web SRL (self-retracting lifeline). The new model now replaces the 10’ version with 11’ of mobility – all while improving on safety ratings.

The Werner Max Patrol 11 foot SRL Fall ProtectionNot only does the Max Patrol 11' Self Retracting Lifeline give you one more foot of mobility, but also meets ANSI Class A standards.WernerWerner analyzed how fast workers work and move around on the jobsite, so they adjusted the locking speed to trigger the mechanism’s primary safety feature to 5’ per second. This was designed to minimize the number of false locks should you accelerate a tad too quickly.

Meanwhile, it increased its weight rating to 400 pounds and meet the ANSI standard of a Class A unit to absorb your fall energy within 24 inches. The previous 10’ version was classified as a Class B unit. (For comparison, the consumer seatbelt is at zero inches – the fall “stop” would be felt much less significantly, reducing the chance of injury.)

The 11’ Max Patrol SRL also includes a clever solution for an unmistakable visual information of any damage to the strap. Dubbed “Web Alert,” a red Dyneema/polyester blend is woven into the strap’s webbing. The intention is that any abrasion or cuts that could endanger a worker’s safety would be easily identifiable.


  • 11’ full length gives workers increased mobility on the jobsite, a one foot increase from previous Max Patrol SRL model
  • Meets ANSI z359.14 Class A maximum arrest distance safety equipment standards, to absorb fall energy within 24”
  • An integrated Web Alert red webbing to help identify damaged webbing
  • Increased protection for worker weight up to 400 lbs.

Tool Protection

With the strap protected with the 6’ Leading Edge lanyard and the worker protected with the 11’ Max Patrol SRL, Werner set its sights on your tools.

Their new line of Drop Safety Equipment includes accessories to easily attach to hand tools such as drills tape measure, your hard hat and even your smartphone. The method is designed per each tool, but the concept remains the same: a wrap was designed to encapsulate a tape measure and your drill, a jacket/pouch with a captive touch screen cover for your smartphone. Each either includes a tether or an eyelet to connect to a carabiner.

The Werner Drill Jacket Tool Drop ProtectionA jacket or strap attaches to your hand tools quickly.WernerFeatures of the Drill Jacket (pictured) 

  • Meets ANSI/ISEA 121-2018
  • Quickly attaches to most commonly used cordless power drills 
  • No hook and loop straps or zippers to wear out and degrade 
  • Designed for use with M430005, 5 lb Tool Tether

The 2021 STAFDA Convention & Trade Show is scheduled as an in-person for Charlotte, N.C., November 7-9, 2021.

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