Stryker ST Series Remote-control LED & Halogen Searchlights

Stryker ST lets users pan and tilt simultaneously

Golight Stryker

Golight's Stryker ST Series remote-control LED and halogen searchlights was born from customer requests for a less complex lamp and controller pairing and on-command return-to-home functioning.

  • Pan and tilt simultaneously
  • Unit selector function enables operation of two Stryker STs individually or in synchronization using a single remote-control transmitter
  • Multiple controllers can be uniformly paired, enabling several users to share control of lamps
  • Maintains existing position when powered off
  • Operates at 2.4 GHz
  • Standard 12-volt electrical system compatibility; 24-volt compatibility available
  • LED or halogen light sources with high-impact, UV-resistant and saltwater-resistant housing
  • LED models feature polycarbonate plano-convex (P-Vex) lens and 10 LEDs technology that produces 544,000-candela beam projecting up to 4,839 ft.
  • Halogen models feature PentaBeam reflector design and tempered glass lens that produces 200,000-candela beam projecting up to 2,933 ft.
  • Both lens options focus beam patterns at an 8-degree angle
  • Large buttons
  • Fluorescent iconography
  • One-button home-position function
  • Available in permanent-mount model with stainless steel mounting bracket or portable model with magnetic base
  • Controller powered by two regular AAA batteries

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