See Drone-Based Portable Light Tower At World Of Concrete 2024

Developer of autonomous safety technology, Blue Vigil, has kicked off beta trails for the new Autonomous Aerial LED (ALED), a person-portable light. The startup will display the ALED at World of Concrete in booth N872.

See Drone-Based Portable Light Tower At World Of Concrete 2024
Robert Schumann, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Vigil, holding an Autonomous Aerial LED person-portable light.
Blue Vigil
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Beta trails of Blue Vigil's Autonomous Aerial LED (ALED) technology have been announced. And attendees at World of Concrete 2024 will be one of the first to be able to check it out. The startup will be on display at World of Concrete at N872.

ALED was designed to be an advancement in portable lighting for the construction market. The fully-subscribed, paid beta program is made up of 12 customers, including top-tier construction companies, state-level transportation agencies, and some of the largest public safety departments in the U.S. Beta program participants will provide feedback from field use that will be instrumental in shaping future versions of the product. Beta trials will begin during Q1, with general availability beginning in Q3 2024. See Drone-Based Portable Light Tower At World Of Concrete 2024Blue Vigil

With poor lighting cited as a major contributing factor to safety incidents, productivity loss and quality issues on nighttime sites, Robert Schumann, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Vigil says that "the ALED represents the first significant advancement of portable light towers in nearly 40 years.”

The ALED is a compact area lighting system that uses a purpose-built, tethered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), also known as a drone, to optimally position a high-intensity LED array from 40 ft (12 m) to 100 ft (30.5 m) above a job site, keeping it there for as long as needed. 

“Because the ALED illuminates a work area from directly above, the improvement in light field size and quality is significant and obvious,” said Schumann. “The ALED’s portability also means it can be positioned more optimally on a site. These are big wins in a global market that is eager for a better solution.” 

The ALED puts over 8,000 sq ft (743 sq m) of light on the ground providing nearly twice as much coverage as traditional towed light towers. When illuminating a work zone from 40 ft to 100 ft above, light shines directly down onto the area of operation, without creating the dangerous glare and shadows that negatively affect workers, residential environments, wildlife, and motorists.

Blue Vigil’s ALED portable light is ideal for large horizontal civil construction projects, such as ramps, bridges, and flyways as well as public safety, agriculture, and asphalt paving. In the concrete industry, for example, rebar can cause tripping accidents at night due to shadows and glare caused by traditional lights. Illuminating a work area from directly above eliminates the shadows and glare that create hazardous conditions for workers.The ALED’s large light field also minimizes the need to continually reposition the lights as the job progresses. 

See Drone-Based Portable Light Tower At World Of Concrete 2024Blue Vigil

The ALED is purpose-built to withstand the rigors of use in the field and on construction sites. The all-weather light is enclosed in a rugged, person-portable wheeled case that can easily be positioned wherever lights are needed. Because it can be easily moved and repositioned, it reduces the need to have heavy light towers stationed in areas where they aren't always needed. 

Weighing 90 lbs. (34 kg), the ALED fits into a pickup or SUV and does not require a trailer or towing, making it easy to transport, easy to position and easy to store. Highly energy efficient, and 50 percent less costly to operate, the ALED can be powered by wall/shore power, a smaller, quieter portable 3000 W generator, or a vehicle inverter.   

The startup’s breakthrough person-portable light won the 2023 American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) Innovation Award, as well as the 2023 Loudon Innovation Challenge. 

The product will initially be available in North and South America in limited quantities. Blue Vigil is actively looking to expand its dealer network.