Highest OSHA Fines for Construction Contractors Between May and September

The top six OSHA fines since May include fines for fall and trench safety

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OSHA fines for construction contractors between May and September 2018 may not have reached the million dollar fines doled out at the beginning of President Trump's first term, but the substantial monetary penalities levied against construction contractors over the last five months still reached significant values.

Here is a list of the top six highest OSHA fines since May:

  1. Lanford Brothers Co., Marion, VA, ($304,130) for silica dust standard violations
  2. JK Excavation & Utilities, Mason, Ohio, ($202,201) after employee died in a 16-foot-trench collapse
  3. Jose Barrientos, Derby, KS, ($191,071) for exposure to fall and other hazards
  4. El Paso Underground Construction, El Paso, Texas, ($190,642) for trench safety
  5. Brutus Construction, Pottstown, PA, ($166,658) for fall related hazards
  6. Douglas N. Higgins Inc., Ann Arbor, MI, ($162,596) after an employee was crushed when a steel plate fell on him

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