HeroWear Apex Exosuit Takes 50 lbs. of Strain Off User's Back

Soft, textile-based exoskeleton weighs less than 4 lbs. and takes 50 lbs. of strain off the user's back muscles.

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HeroWear's Apex back-assist, passive exosuit can take over 50 lbs. of strain off the back every time an object is lifted. Using a proprietary on/off clutch mechanism and made of lightweight, high-tech textiles (it weighs only 3.4 lbs.), the unit also provides maximum flexibility and comfort throughout the day. 

The soft, textile-based exoskeleton is built for both men and women, and is designed to reduce strain on the back while fitting like a comfortable piece of clothing. It features a dual-mode technology to make it easy to turn the back assistance on or off, allowing it to be used in nearly any work situation. The textile-based design is modular, allowing for 100+ possible combinations so that the fit and the amount of support provided is suited for anyone in any job.

  • Modular design allows custom components for each part of the suit, including components designed specifically for female workers
  • Nonpowered device relies on elastic assistance
  • Allows for a variety of postures, maximizing safety and strength without limiting range of motion
  • Can be easily put on or taken off within seconds once fitted

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