New AEM Safety E-book for Aerial Work Platforms Available

Equipment manufacturer-developed safety materials achieve record distribution milestone in 2012

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The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) now offers its Aerial Work Platform Safety Manual in e-book format, allowing equipment operators and others to conveniently access safety information via their mobile devices.

AEM began developing safety e-books in response to industry requests for additional ways to provide workers with safety information. AEM also offers e-book versions of its safety manuals for agricultural sprayers and hydraulic excavators, with more in development.

Promote Safety, Best Practices

All AEM safety e-books feature user-friendly options such as variable type, the ability to embed and email notes, bookmarking and highlighting, content searching and a low-light reading format. The e-book format also allows AEM to more easily distribute safety information globally and extend the reach of its safety messaging.

 AEM safety e-books are available in iBook format on Apple’s iBookstore. To order, simply install iTunes on your Mac or PC if you do not already have it. As the library of e-books grows, AEM plans to expand into other e-book formats to increase availability across all platforms.

Safety Materials Distribution Milestone

Industry demand for association safety materials helped AEM set a new distribution record in 2012, with more than 821,000 units disseminated during the year. Materials included safety manuals, safety videos, training materials, decals, and technical documents and pamphlets, among other items.

AEM safety materials are the result of a combined industry effort from equipment manufacturers and provide practical, job-proven suggestions for encouraging safety-conscious attitudes and performance.

“Our member companies and others use AEM safety materials because they represent an industry-consensus position on the safe operation of the different kinds of equipment manufactured,” said Larry Buzecky, AEM director, safety materials.

“This distribution milestone and our development of additional methods for safety outreach clearly illustrate that safety is a high priority for industry professionals, including equipment manufacturers, owners and operators,” he added.

Helping Multiple Industry Sectors

AEM safety materials cover more than 40 types of equipment used in agricultural, construction, forestry, mining and utility applications. Select materials are also available in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French and French Canadian.

AEM has long been active in safety promotion and the development, production and distribution of safety materials to encourage new as well as experienced operators and other workers to “think safety” while on the job. The AEM materials are meant to supplement, not replace, manufacturer materials.

All association manuals, videos and related safety and training products are available online through the AEM Store at Some safety materials are offered in downloadable files or in DVD format. AEM members receive discounts on select materials.