Lafarge Celebrates Annual Sixth Health and Safety Month

Sites across the United States held special events to highlight this year’s theme, “At home, at work – make the link," which encouraged employees to take health and safety concepts practiced at work and apply them to life at home.

Lafarge North America put an extra focus on best practices in health and safety this month as the Company celebrated its sixth annual Health and Safety Month. Sites across the United States held special events to highlight this year’s theme, “At home, at work – make the link." Employees were encouraged to take home concepts and practices used at work and apply them in ways that make sense at home, with their families, and out in their communities.

“We have a strong culture of health and safety at Lafarge,” says John Stull, CEO, Lafarge U.S. “While we utilize safe work practices all year long, Health and Safety Month is an annual opportunity to celebrate our successes and to review safety protocols such as regular safety training for new and seasoned employees and field-level risk assessments to ensure that best practices are consistently applied throughout the company. This year we focused on ways to translate our workplace safety culture into our personal lives to keep our loved ones healthy and safe.”

For example, the Brooklyn cement distribution terminal in N.Y. hosted a health and safety event for local businesses and truck drivers, providing handouts on the dangers of distracted driving as well as safety items that can be used in the home, such as safety glasses and work gloves. At the Lafarge quarry in Rosiclare, Ill., the state police gave a distracted driving presentation followed by an open discussion session. Employees were encouraged to share what they learned with friends and family members and use safe driving practices every time they get behind the wheel.

In addition to this month’s emphasis on safety at home, Lafarge focused on personal and environmental health basics, including good housekeeping practices, annual physicals, healthy eating, and use of personal protection and self-defense. The Lafarge site in Joliet, Ill. hosted a health and safety day that began with wellness checks for employees and their families. First responders were on-hand to share information on safety practices and demonstrate the work they do, which included a bomb-diffusing robot demonstration by the Cook County Bomb Squad. 

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