3M Joins Forces of its Personal Safety Division and Capital Safety Business at World of Concrete

Will exhibit latest products and services in personal protective equipment and fall protection products

Experts from 3M and Capital Safety will be on hand to offer demonstrations from the Safety Roadshow, a 48-foot, fully-equipped mobile training center.
Experts from 3M and Capital Safety will be on hand to offer demonstrations from the Safety Roadshow, a 48-foot, fully-equipped mobile training center.
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3M’s Personal Safety Division and 3M’s Capital Safety business, two of the industry’s leaders in personal protective equipment and fall protection products, will be joining forces to showcase their latest safety products and innovations at World of Concrete 2016, Tuesday, Feb. 2, to Friday, Feb. 5, in booth #O30232, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 3M acquired Capital Safety in August 2015, and the acquisition now enables 3M to provide a broader array of personal protective equipment products and solutions.

“We are thrilled to exhibit alongside Capital Safety at World of Concrete,” says Scott Helterbrand, National Sales Manager, 3M Personal Safety Division. “In acquiring Capital Safety it was our aim to bring together 3M’s history of innovation and discovery and Capital Safety’s proven excellence in fall protection. Our presence at this show will be a perfect representation of that partnership.”

“Capital Safety has built a strong reputation in fall protection products backed with training and consulting services to match the right tools and training for the job,” says Nate Damro, National Sales Manager, Capital Safety. “3M’s leadership in innovation and broad offering in personal protective equipment, combined with its global reach, will pave the way to greater innovation and products in the future.”

Experts from 3M and Capital Safety will be on hand to offer demonstrations from the Safety Roadshow, a 48-foot, fully-equipped mobile training center.

E-A-Rfit Dual-Ear Validation System from 3M
The award-winning E-A-Rfit Dual-Ear Validation System from 3M measures the effectiveness of earplugs and earmuffs on individual workers, providing accurate, quantitative results for both ears simultaneously. In less than five seconds, seven standard frequencies are measured for both ears, generating a Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) to validate hearing protection and assist with selecting equipment to offer the best protection for the job. While other systems typically rely on the employee’s subjective response to test signals, the 3M fit-testing system measures sound pressure levels objectively, both outside and inside the hearing protection.

The DBI-SALA ExoFit STRATA full-body safety harness is designed and tested with data-driven, third-party research, resulting in a harness that is more comfortable and is cooler and lighter to wear. The LIFTech Load Distribution System takes the weight off workers’ shoulders and redistributes it down to their hips, reducing forces on the shoulders up to 85 percent when compared to leading harnesses. PolarMesh padding keeps users’ backs cooler with greater air flow. All innovations incorporated into the ExoFit STRATA are supported by research from ergonomics specialists at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

DBI-SALA Python Safety Fall Protection for Tools
Fall protection for tools helps make work environments safer and more productive by drastically reducing falling object incidents resulting in personal injury, equipment damage, and tool loss. Drop prevention solutions by DBI-SALA are designed with the craft in mind, and are third-party tested in the harshest conditions. Learn more about our comprehensive collection of tool lanyards, tool holsters, attachment points, and other drop prevention products.

DBI-SALA Self-Rescue
The DBI-SALA Self-Rescue device easily connects to your current safety harness, providing a fast, effective method of escape from suspension while putting fewer rescuers at risk. The device features a patent-pending EZ-Link d-ring to simplify connection, a secondary rescue ring for assisted rescue, and a sealed, padded package to protect the descent device from damage during use. With 50- or 100-foot versions available, Self-Rescue is the most flexible, adaptable self-rescue device ever created. The Self-Rescue is slated to launch before spring 2016.

Scotchgard Anti-Fog Coating Technology from 3M
Scotchgard Anti-Fog Coating from 3M allows workers to wear protective eye wear without needing to remove them to wipe away fog or steam and expose eyes to potential hazards and debris. This anti-fog coating resists fogging longer than traditional anti-fog coatings, even in hot and humid conditions or climate controlled areas. The coating is bonded directly to the lens and retains its effectiveness for at least 25 washings. It is now available on Solus 1000 Series safety eye wear and Goggle Gear 500 Series splash goggle from 3M.