VBV-3XXC Series Eyeball Camera

Features the widest viewing angle in the company's camera range with the most flexible fitting positions

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The VBV-3XXC series cameras are suited for side, front, rear and internal applications with a viewing angle of 102° x 78° x 145° (HxVxD).

  • Enables driver to see more danger zones than ever before
  • Adjustable ball and socket lens enables fitment in virtually any position on vehicles or mobile equipment
  • Lens can be rotated +/- 180° for adjustment to achieve the optimal view of blind spots
  • Available in mirror image or normal view
  • Five LEDs for low light performance
  • Integrated microphone allows audio capability to enable driver to hear people in addition to seeing them
  • Compatible with all Brigade monitors
  • Certified to industry standards including CE, E mark, water and dust resistance to IP69K and corrosion resistance to ISO0227 (salt spray)
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