Generac Dust Suppression Systems

Systems provide an effective way of suppressing dust and other unhealthy particles on construction jobsites

DF 7500 with standard skid mount
DF 7500 with standard skid mount
Gen Mobile Vert 4 Color

Generac Mobile’s dust suppression systems nebulize the water, creating a fine mist of water that evenly covers the area, suppressing dust and ohter particles. Nebulized water particles have a 5- to 150-micron diameter, combining themselves with dust particulate down to 80 microns and dragging them to the ground.

  • Model options available for both large and small jobs
  • DF 2.2 portable system offers a maximum horizontal range of 42 ft.
  • DF 7500 includes an onboard electronic control panel with optional remote control, skid or trailer mount and can rotate 335°, covering an area of 49,514 sq. ft. with a 131-ft. maximum horizontal range and 52-ft. vertical range 
  • All systems feature an electro-polished stainless steel crown with nozzles and an electric engine-powered fan

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