AEMP Pioneers Green Fleet Recognition

Program offers clear targets for fleet owners to hit when improving diesel emissions and enhances company reputations in communities where their equipment works

In early 2010 the Emissions Committee of the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) surveyed associaton members and measured an overwhelming percentage ready and willing to participate in a "green recognition" program. Feedback indicated that despite more than a decade of hard work and dollars invested in reducing their equipment's impact on the environment, construction-equipment fleet owners have a difficult time demonstrating and validating their progress.

The AEMP committee formed a development team for the AEMP Green Fleet certification program comprised of industry professionals from equipment manufacturers, dealers and end users across the nation. The committee carefully created the AEMP Green Fleet certification as a tool to measure the "greening" of fleets across the nation.

The program consists of a range of Green Fleet levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. These levels can serve as stepping stones for fleets that wish to continue improving fleet emissions. The requirements to qualify for each AEMP Green Fleet certification level progressively increase every couple years, keeping fleets engaged in updates.

The Goals

 The goals of AEMP Green Fleet are:

  • To recognize steps already taken to reduce emissions
  • To offer incentive to companies willing to continue reducing emissions
  • To create a challenging – yet achievable – goal for equipment owners to attain

The Criteria

The AEMP Emissions Committee will recognize four levels of Green Fleet achievement using these requirements:

  • 2011 Bronze Status: 50% of fleet Tier 2 or written idle policy
  • 2011 Silver Status: 50% of fleet Tier 2 and written idle policy
  • 2011 Gold Status: 50% of fleet Tier 3 and written idle policy
  • 2011 Platinum Status: 50% of fleet Tier 3, written idle policy and 10% of fleet equipped with DPF, DOC or either interim or final Tier 4 technologies

The Process

Fleet owners interested in participating can will complete the application form, provide the required information and submit it to AEMP. Once the application is reviewed and the green fleet attainment level is determined, the applying fleet will be given a plaque distinguishing such recognition. Green Fleets will be recognized on the AEMP website and in AEMP's Equipment Manager magazine. AEMP will also offer decals for individual pieces of equipment.

The Benefits

The AEMP Green Fleet initiative will bring the following benefits:

  • Improved fleet and industry perception among the public
  • Setting defined goals to attain Green Fleet recognition and enhancing fleets’ reputations, in communities where their equipment works
  • A potential boost in employee health, morale and productivity. (Decreased emissions has been shown to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.)

Across the country, consumers are demanding green products and services. Now is not the time for fleet managers to be left behind. For more information contact Sara Sanderman at [email protected].