Skanska-Hunt Settles Washington Convention Center Dispute

Settlement allows convention center expansion developer to hire a new contractor, avoid public trial with Skanska-Hunt

Developers for the Washington State Convention Center expansion and recently fired joint-venture contractor Skanska-Hunt have settled their dispute allowing convention center officials to move forward and hire a new contractor.The settlement also means there will be no public trial between the two entities.

Pine Street Group, which is overseeing the expansion project, will no recommend whether to restart the contractor selection process from the beginning or to revisit the two joint-venture teams that lost the bid to Skanska-Hunt last year.

Documents released in early May indicate the Convention Center is pay Skanska-Hunt $7.8 million in the settlement. Nearly $3.4 million of that is for work Skanska-Hunt did prior to being terminated. The rest of the settlement money will be used to pay for demobilizing the team, litigation and other costs.

As part of the settlement agreement, Skanska-Hunt will pay nearly $1.7 million to subcontractors.

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