ARTBA Calls Boehner "Hypocritical" on Gas Tax Impact on Jobs

ARTBA Calls Boehner "Hypocritical" on Gas Tax Impact on Jobs

American Road & Transportation Builders Association Spokesman Matt Jeanneret issued this response to comments from U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner about the potential impact of increased gas taxes on jobs:

"Speaker Boehner wins the 'Pothole of the Week' award. His statement today blasting a long-time transportation leader in Congress for suggesting it might be time after 18 years to consider a small increase in the federal gas tax to pay for highway and mass transit improvements—saying it would be a 'job destroyer'—is hypocritical.

"The House-passed FY 2012 Ryan budget resolution would cut federal transportation investment next year by 30%, including up to a $14 billion cut in aid to the states for highway improvements. That would be a guaranteed job killer in the construction industry that's already struggling with 17% unemployment.

 "If the Speaker wants to protect jobs—and maybe even create some new ones—he should lead the charge in passing the 20-month-delayed highway and transit bill."