AGC of America Chief Executive Officer Responds to President's State of the Union

President's call for new focus on infrastructure provides Republicans an opportunity to support business growth, protect taxpayers from growing maintenance and repair liabilities.

Stephen E. Sandherr, the chief executive officer of the Associated General Contractors of America, issued the following statement in response to the President's call for new infrastructure investments during the State of the Union address:

"In an era of fly specking the federal budget, the President was right to distinguish between wasteful government spending and necessary infrastructure investments. As do leading Republican officials such as Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, the President appears to understand the vital role efficient and well-maintained infrastructure plays in supporting broader economic growth. After all, companies can't thrive and expand if their deliveries are late and their employees are stuck in traffic.

"Investing in infrastructure now doesn't just boost the private sector, it protects the taxpayers. That is because maintaining roads, bridges and water systems now, especially in today's extremely competitive construction market, is a lot less expensive than repairing broken infrastructure later.

"Congressional leaders can further protect taxpayers by enacting needed reforms that ensure public funds are invested in a manner that is accountable and effective. It doesn't take an earmark to keep our traffic flowing and our bridges safe."