SoFi Time-Lapse: 4 Years of Constructing the NFL's Largest Stadium in 3 Minutes

A 3-minute time-lapse, from dozens of camera angles, captures construction of all 3.1 million sq ft of SoFi, the NFL's largest stadium, and their first open-air, indoor-outdoor venue; home to the Chargers and Rams

EarthCam's amazing 4k time-lapse video took over 1,400 days and four million images to document construction of SoFi Stadium, the first football stadium to be built within Los Angeles in nearly 100 years. The 3 minute time-lapse, from dozens of camera angles, captures all 3.1 million square feet of SoFi, the NFL's largest stadium,, their first open-air, indoor-outdoor venue and the home of the Chargers and Rams.

The video highlights several unique features that achieve the perfect balance between a dome and a luxury outdoor California experience - the unique 'film' ceiling allows fans and players to take advantage of the beautiful LA weather but still stay safe under 30% shading of the whole vicinity.  The sides of the stadium remain open to maintain organic airflow throughout. Although fans can't yet experience the iconic architecture of this stadium from the inside, SoFi is already redefining the landscape of Greater Los Angeles.  It stands ready to usher in a new era of sports, entertainment, and football in Southern California.

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