A New-Look Driveway

Resurfacing with cementitious topping

The owner of this Florida home noticed unattractive flaws in his driveway, which worsened over time.

One portion of the concrete had a different texture and color than the rest, while another allowed water to form a puddle and create a stain.

A contractor presented him with a solution that would not only repair the defect without demolition, but also would vastly improve the curb appeal of the home – resurfacing with cementitious topping.

For this project, the contractor used Scofield Texturetop. A base coat of the stencil--grade topping was applied in Porcelain Gray. The border and apron areas were masked and the main field given a knock--down finish. A Brick Soldier Course stencil was laid down for the borders and joints. The apron at the end of the driveway was stenciled with a New Brick Running Bond pattern. With the stencils in place, a layer of Scofield Texturetop in Coral Red was sprayed. To coordinate the look of the driveway with the varied colors of brick in the house, topping in the color Coachella Sand was applied by hand to random bricks in the driveway pattern.

Cementitious toppings can update the appearance and improve the performance of concrete surfaces without the expense, disruption and delays of removing the existing slab and starting over. They can be used on driveways, walkways and pool decks that have been built incorrectly or have become worn or stained by years of harsh weather, car and foot traffic, even accidental spills.

Texturetop is applied in a thin, tough layer to produce a durable, abrasion--resistant surface for concrete. It can be imprinted to replicate the appearance of stone, wood or other textures by using a multicomponent, stamp--grade topping. Depth can be added to the pattern by using imprinting tools and embossing skins with antiquing release agents that provide realistic, subtle variations that dramatically improve the appearance of the concrete and the home.

For more information, visit www.scofield.com or call (800) 800--9900.

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