Demand for Specialty Flooring Pushes Arizona Coating Manufacturer into Contracting

Industry veterans launch Tenec Coatings to satisfy demand in Southwest region for concrete coating installation, flooring removal and other specialty flooring solutions.

Tenec Logo

Backed by nearly 35 years of industry knowledge, Daniel and Leane Owen have launched Phoenix-based Tenec Coatings, which offers residential, commercial and industrial clients a new option for concrete coatings installation, flooring removal and specialty flooring services, including concrete polishing and moisture remediation.

The husband-and-wife team previously owned and operated Arizona Polymer Flooring, which they grew into one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of concrete coatings. Following decades of success on the product manufacturing side, they refocused their energy on the contracting side of the industry.

“Tenec Coatings gives us a chance to take our decades of industry experience and dive deeper into hands-on contracting,” says CEO Daniel Owen. “We thrive on the complexity of various jobs and welcome new challenges. We are creative and solution-oriented, and after careful thought, we decided this new venture satisfied our individual desires to advance the industry as well as market demand.”

Under the Owens’ leadership, the Tenec team understands environmental limitations and opportunities, especially in the diverse climates throughout the greater Phoenix-area and Southwest. They serve as trusted consultants for a wide range of flooring projects where quality and attention to detail are paramount.

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the product development space, it’s that no two jobs are the same. Each brings its own set of unique circumstances, requirements and challenges,” adds President Leane Owen. “Having achieved success as product manufacturers, often helping contractors troubleshoot jobsite challenges, we know before we start a job exactly which products and installation techniques will create the intended outcome, both short- and long-term.”

Core contracting services include:

  • Installation of concrete coatings and overlays for any property.
  • Fast and effective flooring removal of any surface, including stone, tile, hardwood, VCT, carpet tile, coatings, overlays, cool deck and more.
  • Concrete polishing
  • Concrete regrading leveling in order to redirect water runoff and create a drainage pathway.
  • Concrete moisture remediation before the installation of a concrete flooring system, when moisture is detected in a slab or when concrete dries too slowly to meet a construction schedule.