PoreShield Concrete Sealant

PoreShield Being Applied to a Bridge in Indiana
PoreShield being applied to a bridge deck in Indiana, prior to its approval in Iowa.

PoreShield is ideal for bridge construction, major highway projects and other large-scale roadway infrastructure applications. Unlike any other existing method, it protects concrete from the inside out with a flexible, hydrophobic barrier that is absorbed deep into the pores. With preventive and self-healing properties, this barrier stops any existing damage and deterioration from getting worse. This barrier makes PoreShield the most durable solution available to protect concrete against water, salt and freeze/thaw damage. In fact, it is proven to significantly reduce diffusion of chloride ions, which are commonly found in deicers, the number one culprit of concrete damage.

In addition to high performance, PoreShield is a sustainable and cost-effective solution. It is derived from soybeans, a renewable resource. It is low in VOC and reduces application time. PoreShield requires no personal protective equipment and eliminates the need for hazardous waste cleanup. Not only is PoreShield safer, faster and sustainable to use, it is also a smart investment. With reduced application and maintenance costs, combined with 10 or more years of protection, PoreShield is a cost-effective concrete durability enhancer for every budget.

For more information about PoreShield, visit: www.poreshield.com.

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