Coval Polished Concrete Sealer (PCS)

The Coval Polished Concrete Sealer (PCS) by Coval Technologies won’t change the natural beauty of polished concrete while protecting the surface from stains, acids, and oils.

Coval Polished Concrete Sealer | Coval PCS
Coval Technologies

Polished concrete is in great demand in retail, office, warehouse, and exhibit space now, and it needs a protective coating. It should be easy to apply, maintain, and clean, and not change the appearance of the concrete. Coval Polished Concrete Sealer (PCS) meets all these demands, protecting it from oil, coffee, wine, and other acid marks that would require a new grind and polish if stained. Coval PCS has a natural-looking sheen, needs no burnishing or consistent reinstallation, protects the floor for a long time, and adheres to itself on reapplication. Available now to distributors from [email protected].

Coval PCS provides a sustainable solution by making the surface easier to clean, enabling the use of only water or a biofriendly cleaning liquid. Acidic and oily foods, staining drinks, gasoline, acetone, and other chemicals do not attach to the coating and are effortlessly wiped or mopped away. As a single component application, it is easily applied with an acetone pump sprayer and a microfiber mop.

Coval Polished Concrete Sealer | Coval PCSBefore applying Coval Polished Concrete Sealer, this uncoated floor was well cleaned and wiped down with acetone.Coval Technologies

Coval Polished Concrete Sealer | Coval PCSAfter it dries, thin film Coval Polished Concrete Sealer offers a nice sheen that protects it. Coating has not fully cured in this photo.Coval Technologies

The Problem With A Traditional Guard

The problem with a traditional guard is that for it to form an effective barrier against liquid stains, it must be of a thick consistency that takes away the natural look of the concrete. It also creates a costly maintenance loop for floor owners which includes burnishing the floor and then reapplying a guard. For these reasons, polished concrete floor installers often will not use a guard and owners take their chances with potential stains. Coval created a solution for these problems using covalent technology. 

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ASTM D-3363 test results demonstrate that Coval PCS has the highest hardness on the pencil scale of 9H, and in ASTM D-4060 Taber abrasion tests after 1,000 cycles, product removal was less than 1 mg. It resists citric acid and balsamic vinegar for 12 hours; coffee, tea, and wine for 48 hours, with removal by a dry cloth, and spray paint and permanent marker graffiti can be removed with acetone over 48 hours later. 

Coval Polished Concrete Sealer | Coval PCSThis beautifully dyed polished concrete, left, has been coated with Coval Polished Concrete Sealer, while the flooring on the right side of the wall is still uncoated.Coval Technologies


The Coval Polished Concrete Sealer (PCS) by Coval Technologies won’t change the natural beauty of polished concrete while protecting the surface from stains, acids, and oils.

  • Will not distract from natural-looking polished concrete.
  • Better protection than traditional guards without constant maintenance. 
  • Penetrates the pores of polished concrete to create a new, long-lasting, chemical and liquid barrier.
  • Will never become thick and gooey after repetitive adhesions as other concrete guards can do.
  • Protects against water and salt damage.

Application Is Easy

Coval Polished Concrete Sealer has the same characteristics as Coval Ultimate Top Coat (UTC), and other Coval coatings. It is single component, UV stable, and based on nanotechnology. Its application is easy with an acetone sprayer and a microfiber mop, directly to polished concrete or over an existing guard.

The Coval surface created is simply cleaned with a wet mop or auto scrubber, reducing floor maintenance time and chemicals. Once applied, Coval Polished Concrete Sealer will last two to four years or more, and bonds to itself for easy re-application.

Concrete floor applicators around the world are enjoying the ease and look of the covalent properties of Coval coatings on polished, stained, and bare concrete, terrazzo, natural stone, tile and grout, epoxy, and decorative concrete.

The transparent, penetrating sealer creates an extremely hard covalent bond with polished and densified concrete, concrete overlays, precast concrete, and polymer-modified and concrete Terrazzo. Typical coverage with UV stable Coval PCS provides 800-1,000 square feet per gallon. Its deep penetration results in a floor that is dry to the touch in 2-4 hours, can be walked on in 5-6 hours, and reaches a full cure in seven days.

Other sustainability features include retaining its look for 1-2 years without the need for regular buffing, and Coval PCS smoothly adheres to itself for reapplication in highly trafficked areas and does not require stripping to recoat. North American installation professionals can purchase Coval PCS from nearly 70 distributors in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Coval coatings contain less than 100 g/L VOCs and exceed SCAQMD Rule 1113 requirements for air quality; as well as contain no known carcinogens under Proposition 65, California’s Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.         

Coval PCS received 2023 Concrete Contractor Top Products award.

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