Rhino Linings FastFloor One-Day Flooring System

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FastFloor System is a two-component, rapid curing polyaspartic flooring system with excellent chemical resistance. Formulated with aliphatic chemistry, the FastFloor system is color stable, allowing it to endure UV exposure without color shifts.

  • FastFloor’s fast cure allows for quick turnaround time
  • Under normal conditions, floors are ready for light foot traffic within 2-4 hours and returned to service in 24 hours
  • An ideal floor coating for warehouses, airplane hangars and laboratories as well as restaurant and hospital floors and high-traffic entryways and lobby areas
  • FastFloor bonds to virtually all substrates including metals, concrete and fiberglass
  • Available in three standard colors and can be seeded with 14 standard blends of color flakes or six standard colors of decorative quarts
  • Standard color flake sizes are ¼” and 1/16”
  • Custom chip colors and sizes are available on request
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