Concrete Working Equipment Spotlight June 2009

The concrete industry offers a variety of products to keep your flatwork project sites running smoothly.

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FS-600 Portable Rebar Cutter/Bender


  • Will both cut and bend up to 3/4-in. (#6) grade 60 rebar
  • 180-lb. machine
  • Plugs into standard 110 volts
  • Quickly cut rebar to length or accurately fabricate stirrups, hooks and 3-D bends at the jobsite or shop


Fascut Industries Inc.

Mighty Lite Truss Screeds


  • Patented featherweight "Parabolic" steel frame design
  • Variable width up to 35 ft. with 5- or 10-ft. sections
  • Self-contained Honda power source
  • "Quick-Connect" turnbuckles provide positive crown control
  • Lift handles for easy maneuvering and transport
  • Forward travel by one-sided winching


Metal Forms Corporation

Riser Wheels


Lura Enterprises' Riser Wheels attach to either end of the Lightening Strike screed and elevate the tube slightly to reduce wear when pouring between existing slabs. Additional rings are available to elevate it further leaving additional material for compaction of pervious concrete.


Lura Enterprises, Inc.



The nearly 2,500-lb. ScreedSaver wireless remote-controlled, laser leveling, boom extension concrete screeding machine is heavy enough to handle a 4 slump concrete, yet light enough to be crane lifted to multi-story buildings and even operate on chaired rebar.

  • Screeds at rates of 3,000 sq. ft./hour with accuracy of F50 - 1/8 in. or better on flat, grade and dual slope jobs
  • Standard screed head measures 14 ft. wide, with optional heads available in 8- to 14-ft. widths
  • E-stop function causes machine to automatically sit down on the wheels and wait for further instructions


Ligchine International, LLC

Smooth Operator Power Trowels


Stone Construction's line of Smooth Operator Power Trowels include models with 24-, 36-, 46- and 48-in. diameters. The trowels feature an extra strong cast iron spider, a rotating stabilizing ring and infinitely variable blade adjustments. The trowels are equipped with a shock-mounted ring guard to reduce vibration and chatter. A patented Dyna-Clutch system stops blade rotation without shutting off the engine. All models are available with the choice of a Honda, Briggs, Robin or Wisconsin engines in 4-blade models.


Stone Construction Equip. Inc.