Tools & Equipment

Concrete tools & equipment

SRX Robotic Total Station

  • Fully robotic, fully tracking and autopointing robotic total station with on-demand target reacquisition
  • RED-tech EX technology for high precision on all ranges of measurements
  • Makes single-operator measuring quick, easy and accurate
  • Bluetooth wireless technology for cable-free use
  • Independent Angle Calibration System (IACS) provides reliable angle measurement with stability

Sokkia Corp.

Spectra Precision TS515 Total Station

  • Ideal for layout control lines, offset points, excavation lines, foundations, forms and footers, and anchor bolts
  • Direct reflex reflectorless distance measuring capability provides one-person operation without a prism
  • Dual-axis compensation
  • Designed to work seamlessly with the LM80 Layout Manager

Trimble Navigation Limited

DualPlane Laser

  • Simultaneous level and plumb rotational laser
  • Ideal for setting forms and footings, along with a host of other indoor and outdoor applications
  • Level accuracy +/- 1/8 in. at 100 ft.; plumb accuracy +/- 1/4 in. at 100 ft.
  • Operating range up to 1,000-ft. diameter with Laser Detector
  • Three spin modes
  • Automatic audible and visual out-of-level indication signals
  • Radio frequency remote control and field calibration


PLS90E Laser Alignment Tool

  • Designed for precise 90º layout for square
  • Fully self-leveling visible laser
  • Vertical fan angle captures the reference line vertically up to 100 ft.
  • Accuracy within 1/8 in. at 100 ft.
  • Range up to 250 ft. outdoors using the PLS-LD detector for concrete form work

PLS • Pacific Laser Systems

RL-H3CL Long Range Automatic Laser

  • Fully automatic self-leveling laser
  • 600-rpm rotation speed
  • Accuracy of +/- 10 arc seconds
  • 820-ft. beam radius
  • Will operate up to 60 hours on four C batteries
  • Ideal for setting forms, using grade control receivers and checking the fall of a trench

Topcon Positioning Systems

CS1 Saw Devil

  • Lightweight push saw
  • 11-hp Honda engine equipped with a cyclone filter system
  • Accommodates 12- and 14-in. blades
  • Maximum depth cut of up to 45/8 in.
  • Four other engine options available

Stone Construction Equipment

X-5000 Paver Gas Saw

  • Designed for highway and paving applications
  • 27-hp gas engine with electronic remote key start and choke
  • 2- to 4-in. adjustable depth of cut
  • Switch-activated blade depth control and retractable guide
  • Patented low noise and low dust blade block enclosure
  • Positraction drive
  • Self-propelled via lever-activated hydrostatic transmission

Soff-Cut International

WS Series Walk-Behind Concrete Saws

  • Nine models with 12- to 36-in. blades and cutting depths from 4.6 to 15 in.
  • Honda, Wisconsin or Deutz engines
  • Heavy-duty, 7-gauge steel frame with steel splashguards
  • Three manually propelled models
  • Four largest models include hydrostatic drive propulsion systems with a six-belt or nine-belt drive

Ingersoll Rand Co.

K960 Saw

  • 6.1-hp K960 incorporates DualCharge engine technology for more power, low emissions and optimum fuel economy

  • Cuts to 6 in. deep with a 16-in. blade
  • Active Air Filtration increases filter life by three to five times
  • SmartCarb feature ensures high power retention
  • EasyStart feature provides 50% easier starts and DuraStarter reduces wear on the starter.
  • Design includes a larger front handle, modular construction with vibration damping system, easy-to-adjust blade guard and reversible cutting arm

Husqvarna Construction Products

BFS Series Saws

  • Line includes three standard and two self-propelled walk-behind models with 14- to 20-in. blade guard diameters
  • Engine is placed directly over the cutting area for better cutting performance
  • High-strength steel body provides machine stability
  • Poly V-belt provides direct power transmission from the engine to the cutting shaft
  • Double-sealed bearings

Wacker Corp.

MiniCutter Concrete Saw

  • Designed for light demolition operations in cured concrete and asphalt
  • 10-in. blade capacity for a 31/4-in. cutting depth
  • 6.5-hp Honda GX200 engine with a Cyclone precleaner air cleaner
  • Weighs 102 lbs.
  • V-notch roller wheel front pointer, polyurethane wheels, permanently sealed ball bearings and vacuum nozzle hookup on the blade guard

Stow Division of Multiquip

TS 800 Cutquik

  • 28.7-lb. cut-off machine sports a 6.7-bhp, 98.5cc stratified charge engine that delivers 9,000 rpm of cutting power
  • 16-in. wheel penetrates to depths of up to 6 in.
  • Five-point, dual-element anti-vibration system
  • X2 long-term air filtration system maintains airflow with 99.96% cleaning efficiency with double the time between filter changes
  • Cart facilitates use in walk-behind applications

Stihl Inc.

Saws and Blades

  • Hydraulic horizontal cutting saw and a complete line of hydraulic hand saws, floor saws, diamond chain saws, breakers and power packs
  • Can be adapted to run off skid steer or other hydraulic systems
  • Prodiamond blades and core bits offer specific diamond designs for differing aggregate and concrete mixes
  • Blade options from 4-in. high-speed to 60-in.-diameter saw blades

ProContractor Supply Inc.

Cut-off Saw Filter Kit

  • Each kit comes with an air filter, prefilter and inner filter where applicable
  • Will fit most Stihl, Partner, Husqvarna, Makita, Wacker and Dolmar cut-off saws
  • Display available, with mounting hardware, wire rack, peg hooks, header sign and 22 replacement air filter kits

Stens Industrial

Omnivore Blade

  • Cuts PVC pipe, steel, cast iron, ductile iron, concrete, rebar and wood
  • Maintains a consistent depth of cut through entire life of blade
  • Cuts up to four times faster than the conventional abrasive blade
  • Will out-perform 30 to 50 abrasive wheels to one
  • Available in 4.5-, 5-, 7-, 12- or 14-in. sizes

World Diamond Source

Pro-V Series Diamond Blades

  • 12- and 14-in. laser-weld diamond blades
  • 4- to 7-in. segmented diamond blades
  • 4- to 7-in. turbo-rim diamond blades
  • 4- and 41/2-in. wet/dry tile blades
  • 7- to 10-in. wet tile blades
  • 4- and 7-in. double-row cup wheels
  • All lines offer fast cutting capability, high-tensile strength cores and tall diamond segments and rims

Pearl Abrasive Co.

Mudslinger Polishing Pads

  • 5-in. pads that are 8mma thick
  • Can be run wet or dry
  • Designed specifically for the DS-301 Planetary Polisher

Concrete Countertop Specialties

Redzaw Diamond Blades

  • Laser-welded diamond blades
  • Broad selection of 14-in. blades to cut concrete, masonry, stone, ductile iron, concrete pipe, asphalt and more
  • Utilize MBS Series top-grade diamonds
  • 1-in. arbor with a knockout ring for a 20mm arbor

ICS Blount Inc.

Makita Fiber Cement Shear Kit

  • JS8000 fiber cement shear cuts straight and contour lines quickly and quietly with minimal dust
  • Single-piece cutting head machined from precisely milled aircraft grade aluminum
  • Solid steel center
  • Side shear blades cut with up to 5/16-in.
  • cutting capacity

  • 1/2-in. spindle withstands torque loads from the 6.5-amp motor
  • Lightweight cast aluminum gear housing

Makita U.S.A. Inc.

Replacement Cylinder for Stihl TS760

  • 51mm cylinder assembly
  • Fits Stihl TS670 (stud mount) cut-off saw
  • Includes piston, rings, pins and E-clips

Cutter's Choice

Cured Concrete Blades

  • For asphalt and green concrete
  • Offer speed, long life, smooth cutting and reduced undercutting
  • Terra Core or Slant Segment blade core protection

Terra Diamond Industrial

HN120 Concrete Pinner

  • 6.4-lb. pneumatic concrete pinner is powered by 400 psi technology
  • Powerful enough to drive .300-in. head pins into concrete, yet produces little recoil
  • Durable metal housing
  • Magazine holds 50 pins and shoots pins from 1 to 21/2 in. in length
  • Attachment parts available for wood to concrete, drywall to concrete and wood to steel applications

Max USA Corp.

Auto Glide

  • Automatically adjusts the angle of brush whether pushing or pulling
  • Used with handles
  • No need to lift brush across pour
  • Available in five color-coded texturing brush inserts
  • 24- and 36-in. widths

Marion Brush Mfg Co.

Floor Coater

  • Can apply sealers and other finishes on concrete at up to 10,000 sq. ft. per hour

  • Unique cushioned squeegee action leaves a smooth, streak- and bubble-free finish
  • Use Padco Trim Pads for cutting in and finishing small spaces

Padco, Inc. USA

Gator Tools Bull Float Kit

  • 48-in., round-end bull float kit
  • GatorGlide adjustable leveling head
  • Lightweight magnesium blade
  • 4- to 6-ft. lightweight button poles
  • Heavy-duty carrying case

MTA Distributors

Straightedge with Handholes

  • Aluminum straightedge duplicates the size and feel of a wooden 2x4 without any sharp edges
  • Handholes for easy gripping
  • Straightedge is 1 by 3 in. with tapered edges
  • Available in lengths from 4 to 12 ft.
  • Can be fitted with a level
  • Welded endcaps keep concrete from getting inside during use

Slip Industries

Durawear Edgers

  • New handle design and blade treatment process for long life
  • Ergonomic single-post DuraSoft handle design allows for more hand width and increased comfort
  • Handle style allows the blade to be rotated around for left-handed edging

Marshalltown Company

Canvas-Resin Bull Float

  • Broken-in face and is ready to use
  • Ideal for large areas and decorative concrete applications
  • 3/8-in.-thick canvas-resin float has rounded edges
  • Heavy-duty C-channel keeps float flat

Kraft Tool Co.

Ridgid Bolt Cutters

  • Available in sizes from 14 to 42 in.
  • Can cut metals up to 42 RC hardness
  • Ideal for cutting rod, rebar, wire mesh and bolts
  • Cutting head incorporates a single, one-step internal cam mechanism to provide a quick and simple way to maintain precise blade alignment

Ridge Tool Company


  • Sledge hammer and a cutting/digging blade on opposite ends
  • Sledge hammer has a machined striking face, while the mattock has a tapered digging blade
  • Designed for concrete finishing and foundation work, demolition applications and general landscaping

Council Tool Company

CAM Gauge Rake

  • Designed for the application of coating material
  • Available in eight sizes ranging from 1/32 to 1 in.
  • Zinc-plated hardened steel cams for long-lasting use
  • Comprised of an aluminum frame with either a threaded handle adapter or a powder-coated aluminum handle

Midwest Rake Co.