Technology and Services July 2007

Technology and service equipment for the concrete contractor

Con-Cure Maturity Systems

  • Determines in-place concrete strength instantly
  • Fully reusable meters and sensors
  • Eliminates the hassle, expense and delays associated with test cylinders
  • Uses advanced thermal modeling protocols to estimate real-time concrete strength with a single mouse click
  • Predicts future target strength even when tested at early stages
  • ZoneCure system delivers strength data to your desktop wirelessly
  • ASTM-approved test method


Con-Cure Corp.

Ultra Scale Master Pro

  • Designed for contractors, estimators and professionals in the building trades
  • Complete, stand-alone digital area takeoff tool that lets users measure data from blueprints, plans and scaled drawings to compute linear, area and volume values for lines, curves and shapes
  • Measures plan sizes up to 24" x 36"
  • Connect it to your PC for use with spreadsheets, estimating software or graphic digitizing programs


Calculated Industries

Ruggedized LoJack

  • Designed to get off-road construction equipment back from thieves
  • Made to withstand the impact and punishment of an active construction site
  • Self-contained, one-piece unit allows for easy concealment and mounting location flexibility
  • Features a sealed, weatherproof enclosure that is water-, dust- and chemical-resistant
  • Meets SAE design standards for heavy-duty vehicles


LoJack Corp.

Vulcan Onboard Concrete Mixer Scale

  • Onboard concrete mixer scale for McNeilus mixers
  • Meter in cab displays net payload weight and allows driver to monitor offload weights and remaining weight in drum to within 1/4 yd.
  • Standard option for all new McNeilus mixers
  • Retrofit kits available for existing vehicles


Stress-Tek Inc. (Vulcan On-board Scales)

Exaktime PocketClocks

  • Allows multiple users to clock in and out directly on a Palm Pilot
  • Designed for workers who regularly visit multiple jobsites or frequently change cost codes
  • Individual workers can clock themselves in or it can be set to "Supervisor Mode" where a supervisor clocks in and out for the workers
  • Can be used by itself or in conjunction with the JobClock system



DispatchThis Version 3.0

  • Dispatching and resource management software suite for the concrete pumping industry
  • Integrates processes from order entry to dispatching to invoicing to collections
  • GPS integration for real-time awareness of pump positions
  • Allows for analyzing of historical data


DispatchThis, Inc.


  • Database program designed to handle the daily activities of a concrete testing laboratory
  • Windows 2000/XP compatible
  • Automatically generates daily test reports and compressive strength reports
  • Automatically imports strength results from the testing machine


Admet, Inc.

Qualcomm GlobalTRACS 4.0

  • Software and over-the-air firmware update resulting in maintenance profiles and curfew security
  • Multiple maintenance profile feature provides notifications when various types of service is due on a piece of equipment
  • Engine-start curfew function allows users to define the acceptable range of time an engine can run, as well as establish a time-sensitive electronic curfew boundary around each piece of equipment


QUALCOMM Wireless Business Solutions


  • Integrates with Sage Timberline Office to create a "virtual assistant"
  • Helps business and operations managers identify the information of greatest relevance to their jobs
  • More than 200 prebuilt scenarios and the option to create more
  • Provides daily updates and alerts to things like change orders and cost overruns and reports that help executives mine the enormous amount of everyday data


Sage Software

OEM DD System

  • Captures detailed information on service and repair activities in a shop or field environment
  • Gathers information on location, equipment being maintained, date/time, type of work and specific task or reason for service
  • Also tracks disposition of equipment and helps to capture indirect costs
  • Uses radio technology to transmit data
  • Data management module generates e-mail alerts regarding specified events, trends or benchmarks


OEM Data Delivery

Spanish In-a-Pinch

  • Laminated, easy-to-carry translation cards for on-the-job Spanish-to-English or English-to-Spanish
  • Uses speaker's native language to phonetically explain the foreign pronunciation
  • Cards available in several concrete-specific subjects; HR, safety and other general topics also available


2nd Language Success

Sed de Saber Construction Edition

  • Helps construction workers learn English as a second language
  • Program teaches users 500 vocabulary words, sentence structure and 340 phrases useful in a construction site work environment
  • Users can learn at their own pace or follow the study guidelines of 30 minutes a day for four months
  • Kits are fully reusable


Retention Education, Inc./Home Builders Institute

2FR Water Management System

  • For concrete truck applications in water-add and chute washout
  • Designed to record flows of water added to the concrete batch and gives a flow alarm when washout occurs after the concrete pour
  • 1% accurate water add for critical jobs
  • In-cab water-add flow display


Universal Flow Monitors, Inc.

  • Website connects contractors to concrete industry
  • Buy or sell used equipment

Hard Hat Safety Training Series

  • CD kits to conduct your own safety training classes
  • Training on backhoe/loaders, RT cranes, forklifts, bucket trucks, excavators, knuckle trucks, aerial lifts, confined space, boom truck cranes, telehandlers, trench safety and overhead cranes
  • Includes instructor guide/notes, laws and regulations, student manuals, PowerPoint slides, accident profiles, inspection guidelines and more


Arxcis, Inc.

Otter Box

  • Boxes to protect and ruggedize your construction technology
  • Available for laptops, Treos, BlackBerrys, HP iPaqs, PDAs, iPods and cigars
  • Waterproof , dustproof, crush-proof, drop-proof
  • Ergonomic design


Otter Products, LLC


  • Entry-level site reference system enables operator to excavate to predetermined coordinates
  • Advanced laser reference system utilizes an off-board laser transmitter typically used to set a grade reference over an entire work area
  • Cylinder position sensors located on boom, bucket and stick
  • In-cab display features an easy-to-read grade indicator and elevation display


Caterpillar, Inc.

Concrete Foundations Association

  • Informational and networking tool for poured wall contractors
  • Offers educational seminars, publications and promotional materials
  • Develops residential concrete codes in conjunction with the American Concrete Institute


The American Society of Concrete Contractors

  • Members include contracting firms, manufacturers, architects, specifiers and distributors
  • Member benefits include safety bulletins and videos, publication discounts and troubleshooting hot lines
  • The Decorative Concrete Council, a council of ASCC, advances the quality and use of decorative concrete systems


Decorative Concrete Institute

  • Offers worldwide consulting, education and training to the decorative concrete industry
  • Hands-on training led by best-selling author and Concrete Contractor columnist Bob Harris
  • Topics include stains and dyes, concrete countertops, skim coats, decorative epoxy systems, vertical stamping, stamped concrete and more


Concrete Countertop Institute

  • Offers intensive, engineering-based training in precast, cast-in-place, sinks and mold making
  • Maintains Concrete Connections, an online information resource and discussion forum dedicated to concrete countertops
  • Produces three-day annual Concrete Countertop Industry Conference with exhibitors, seminars and demos