Spotlight: Demolition & Repair

The right equipment and products will lend efficiency to your demolition and repair jobs.

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BH 24 Gas Breaker

  • Reconfigured shape of piston and striker reduces weight and increases velocity for added hitting force
  • Air percussion system ensures striking mechanism directly hits the tool, reducing vibration back to the operator
  • Vibration damping protective housing isolates entire upper housing
  • Wacker two-cycle WM 80 engine
  • Wacker Corp.

UB Equipment 300 Series Breakers

  • 13 models available
  • 350- to 10,000-ft.-lb. impact energy ratings
  • Cradle-style bracket
  • Nitrogen gas-assisted design
  • Control valves concealed inside of smaller unit for protection
  • UB Equipment Corp.

PROMAXX Paving Breakers

  • Ergonomically designed handles, grips, throttle lever and breaker housing for operator comfort
  • Nonmetallic materials eliminate rust
  • Anvil bushing eliminates the need for an anvil block
  • One-piece breaker housing eliminates need for side rods and springs
  • Ingersoll Rand Co.

Grab-n-Tote Slab Remover

  • Allows one person to safely lift and move up to a 500-lb. concrete slab
  • Dolly-like tool attaches to concrete slabs 4 to 12 in. thick by 18 to 48 in. in length
  • Uses a metal claw and curf blade to hook under slab and lift it
  • GMJ Company, LLC

Hydraulic Hammers

  • H45Ds offers 2,300 bpm and is in the 300-ft.-lb. class
  • H35Ds offers 2,900 bpm and is in the 150-ft.-lb. class
  • Enclosed housing protects the power cell
  • Recoil isolation
  • One-piece body eliminates tie-rods
  • Caterpillar Inc.

Series-II Hydraulic Breakers

  • Five models ranging from 200 to 1,200 ft. lbs.
  • Require hydraulic flow rate of 3.9 to 23.7 gpm
  • Employ a gas-assist cycle and low-pressure, nitrogen-charged design
  • Quick coupler allows for easy switching between carriers
  • John Deere Construction & Forestry


  • Seals, strengthens and stabilizes cracks in foundations using carbon fibers
  • Repairs structural, hairline and seeping cracks in vertical, horizontal and corner applications
  • Provides structural integrity
  • Odorless
  • Can be painted over after 48-hour curing time
  • KM Sales

Rapid Set Cement All

  • Permanent and crack-free repairs for industrial floors, slabs, formed concrete work, highways and more
  • Reaches 3,000 psi in one hour
  • Resistant to chemical attack, freeze/thaw, abrasion and shrinkage
  • CTS Cement

Concrete Repair Compounds

  • Formulated to fill cracks in projects such as pool decks and stone walls
  • Low-viscosity CR-2000 compound flows and fills thin cracks easily and provides excellent adhesion to most structural materials
  • CR-2100 is a nonsag compound that won't run when applied to vertical surfaces
  • Paintable and sandable
  • AquaBond, LLC

Mapecem Quickpatch

  • Restores weathered, damaged concrete floors, driveways and sidewalks to a uniform condition
  • Natural light gray and compatible with most sealers, dyes and stains
  • Formulated for easy workability and fast setting
  • Can be applied from featheredge to 3 in. neat
  • Mapei Americas