Determine the Right Concrete Grinding and Polishing Equipment for Your Rental Fleet

Use this guide to narrow down what equipment is right for your rental inventory.

1. What is your immediate market? Will you serve residential, commercial or both? Keep voltage requirements in mind when choosing equipment for your market. Also consider space such as doorways and stairwells.

2. Will you offer surface preparation, polishing or both? Will you need a heavier machine with more horsepower or lighter machines with the proper abrasives for surface prep?

3. How big are the jobs your customers are trying to tackle? Are the jobs 2,000 square feet and under? The size of a job will dictate the size of equipment needed. Larger jobs often need multiple pieces of equipment of the same size or will require larger equipment.

4. Will your customers be working in open areas or will jobs be broken into smaller areas? Here again you'll need to consider space restrictions and choosing the size of the equipment.

Remember that smaller machines offer a lot of versatility but require more manpower, whereas larger machines have less versatility but increased production.

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