Wacker Neuson: Good Things Come in Threes

Wacker Neuson introduces a hydraulic ride-on trowel with three patent-pending features

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Wacker Neuson introduced its new CRT 60-66K professional ride-on trowel at the 2012 World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas. The 60-in. trowel combines the high performance of a hydraulic drive unit with a patent-pending two-mode electro-hydraulic steering system; engine power regulation system; and built-in hydraulic wheel kit.

The two-mode power steering system allows operators to select the response of the joysticks to meet their preference and best suit the concrete conditions. Steering mode 1 is more comfortable for the operator who tends to use full range movements of the joysticks. In this mode, the steering response is filtered to reduce the effects of exaggerated operator input. Mode 2 is designed for the operator who uses smaller, more delicate movements, guaranteeing a more direct joystick behavior.

“The operator can switch between modes depending on conditions, but what we have found is that operators will keep the unit set on the steering style they prefer, but then the next operator may switch it. This makes the machine more versatile, especially for larger contractors who employ many operators,” says Bob Motl, concrete product manager for Wacker Neuson.

Similar to an automatic transmission on a car, the engine power regulation system uses a computer controller to constantly monitor engine speed and adjust hydraulic load. This keeps the unit running seamlessly at optimal engine and blade speed for maximum power input to the concrete.

The built-in hydraulic wheel kit allows the operator to easily raise the machine on the front and back wheels to change pans or blades without a crane or fork lift. This also allows for easier movement around parts of the job site and shop.

“The integrated wheels are a huge time saver," says Motl. "I’d guess that this feature eliminates about 75% of the time the operator actually needs help lifting or moving the machine, making blade changes or installing pans a one-person job.”

Additional features:

  • Electronic cruise control and hydraulic blade pitch
  • 66-hp Kubota turbo diesel engine with two-speed engine throttle
  • Six blades per rotor with a path width of 123 in. and blade speed of up to 155 rpm
  • Weighs in at 2,400 lbs.
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