Norfolk, VA 23513

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3302 Croft Street
Norfolk, VA 23513

AC•Tech offers specialized products for concrete moisture mitigation and vapor reduction, alkalinity control, waterproofing, anti-corrosion steel coatings, and concrete remediation from oil contamination. The firm currently serves the following markets: commercial floor coverings, manufacturing, electronic, marine, petrochemical, construction and transportation industries. The advanced systems of AC•Tech  have been specifically engineered to comply with LEED Building Standards and all California indoor air quality standards. We offer one-coat solutions including fast-curing systems, zero VOC emission systems, and a Bisphenol-A (BPA) free system. Staffed by seasoned professionals with over a century of combined industry experience, AC Tech  offers knowledgeable support and service to architects, engineers, contractors and business owners in the US and abroad.

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