Introducing the “Substrate Sleuths” at World of Concrete

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AC•Tech’s Mac Krauss, Johann Bohlmann and Bill Harrill each have been flooring applicators, contractors, advisors and moisture mitigation trainers for decades. There are few challenging concrete cases involving moisture and contamination issues that they haven’t investigated and solved. With a reputation for always offering practical advice when things get dicey on-site. Now as the Substrate Sleuths, the group is primed to offer state-of-the-art industry solutions. They (who have added Alex Rogers as their “next generation concrete detective”) will always accept technical calls, e-mails, texts, and Skype/FaceTime questions from the jobsite, whether the inquirer is an AC•Tech customer or not.

For any size concrete slab project, anywhere, unlike yesterday’s construction industry detectives, the Substrate Sleuths™ are always accessible. They understand the benefits of today’s technology and thus, are tethered to their electronic devices 24/7.

The Substrate Sleuths will be at World of Concrete at Booth S-13239 and welcome show attendees to stop by with evidence of their most challenging projects. That’s elementary.

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