Topper Pro Plus Concrete Curing Blanket

Insulation Solutions Topper Pr 10856373
Viperr Ii Final 10756742

The Topper Pro Plus concrete curing blanket can be used in both hot and cold weather concrete curing. Topper Pro Plus is composed of high density polyethylene bubble sandwiched between a layer of black polyethylene and a layer of highly reflective aluminum foil to allow concrete to maintain sufficient levels of water and heat.

  • Black polyethylene layer faces up during cold weather curing to absorb and transfer sun's heat down into the concrete; low emissive aluminum layer reflects heat generated from concrete back to its source
  • Low emissive layer faces up during hot weather curing to reflect suns heat away from concrete
  • High-density bubble within Topper Pro Plus prevents water from being trapped between the outer skins
  • Used for all types of wall forms, slabs-on-grade, curbs, gutters, footings and pier boxes
  • Protects from outside weather elements
  • 5/16 in. thick
  • Available in rolls of 24 in. by 125 ft.; 48 in. by 125 ft.; and 72 in. by 125 ft.
  • Manufactured using recycled resins
  • Reusable multiple times

Specifications: Insulation Solutions' Topper Pro Plus Concrete Curing Blanket


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