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From close corners to small areas, coring in space-restricted applications is simple with the Hilti DD 120 Diamond Coring System. Self-contained as a complete system in one unit, the DD 120 is compact, lightweight and small enough to fit in a kit box, yet packed with the power to core up to six (four)-inch diameter holes in reinforced concrete. The DD 120 features an intelligent steering display at the top and a compact anchor base plate at the bottom. Weighing 22 lbs., the DD 120 is ideal for coring in applications where lifting the unit into place is required. The column is 28 inches tall, and an optional 33-inch column is available. A 360° rotating water swivel allows for water connection in any position and makes it convenient for positioning the DD 120 in tight corners and narrow locations. It also helps prevent the water hose from disturbing the user during drilling. An optional precision water collection system at the base completes the package.

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