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CONFAST Hex Head Concrete Screws, often called “blue screw” due to their blue coating that helps to resist rust, are designed to be used when the screw head can protrude above the surface of the item being fastened. This application allows for the option to remove the screw

  • The CONFAST hex concrete screw are considered a light duty fastener in both in the 3/16" diameter and 1/4" diameter.
  • Holding values increase based on the depth of embedment, providing that minimum and maximum embedment requirements are met.
  • The holding values differ based on the base material into which the CONFAST hex concrete screw has been installed.
  • To determine the size of The CONFAST hex concrete screw required for a specific application, consider the size of the hole in the fixture, the thickness of the item being fastened and the weight of the item.
  • The 1/4" diameter holds slightly more weight than the 3/16" 1 CONFAST hex concrete screw.
  • The minimum length of screw require for any job is determined by adding the thickness of the material to the minimum embedment depth of 1".
  • The maximum length CONFAST hex concrete screw is equal to the thickness of the material being fastened plus the maximum embedment depth of 1-1/4".
  • The length of screw measured from under the head
  • Features a hex slotted washer head: 3/16” diameter needs a 5/32” hole and 1/4” diameter needs a 3/16” hole
  • Special threads for efficient dust removal


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