The Kwik Bolt-TZ2 Concrete Wedge Anchor

Hilti Kbtz2 Expansion Anchor Product Photo
Hilti Inc.

Hilti North America expanded its concrete anchor portfolio with the Kwik Bolt-TZ2, an easy-to-install high-performing mechanical anchor delivering up to 20% higher tension performance and approvals, while optimizing edge distance and spacing.

“It was a natural progression to take the expansion anchor further to provide an even more optimized fastening solution,” says Rafael Lorenzo Santos, Senior Director of Fastening & Protection at Hilti North America. “As jobsites become more complex, installing anchors correctly the first time is key to help ensure safety and productivity. With KB-TZ2, Hilti has set a new standard for what an expansion anchor can do.”

A Safer Anchor Design

Hilti Kbtz2 Expansion Anchor Application 2 PhotoHilti Inc.Taking the time to ensure a safer anchor design requires a thorough review of the specific applications and load requirements. The use of complex anchors like epoxy or heavy-duty mechanical anchors can be labor-intensive and expensive, which can lead to complex anchor redesign requests from project owners or contractors. The Kwik Bolt TZ-2 has been designed to help make anchoring easier by being the only fractional expansion anchor on the market to offer diamond core hole approvals, a combination drill bit that reduces fatigue on the installer and compatibility with Hilti’s Adaptive Torque module that helps increase installation quality every time.

Additionally, the KB-TZ2 has improved embedment depths for the thinnest of slabs and an expanded portfolio with 94 different diameter and length options, offering the right size anchor for more applications. This includes the first 1/4 in. and 1-in. diameter, seismic approved expansion anchors.

Hilti Kbtz2 Expansion Anchor Application PhotoHilti Inc.Modifications to the cone angle and geometry allow the KB-TZ2 to efficiently expand, while the unique sleeve design produces a higher undercut percentage in the concrete. Specialized bolt and nut coatings help prevent over-torqueing and provide better pre-tension control to reduce the expansion forces transferred to the base material. In the end, this enables the KB-TZ2 to deliver unmatched, ultimate tension performance even under seismic conditions.

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