Power Curbers 5700-C Curb Machine Adds Trimble Automation Option

Trimble’s PCS900 automated guidance system is available on the paver in addition to Topcon and Leica options

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Power Curbers's 5700-C curb machine, equipped with network controls and all-crawler steering, is now compatible with Trimble’s PCS900 automated guidance system. Field tests conducted in 2018 showed impressive results, and the solution was demonstrated at Trimble Dimensions in November. The PCS900 system uses the proven Total Stations and a 3D design model to control elevation and steering in place of traditional stringline. Integration of 3D machine control on the 5700-C leads to a more efficient jobsite, tighter control of material yields and higher precision. The PCS900 is available through local Sitech dealers in North America.

Power Curbers and Power Pavers have been operating with Topcon and Leica 3-D systems for many years, but now options have expanded with a Trimble solution. Chief Operating Officer Stephen Bullock explains, “It was essential from day one to build a system that allowed the contractor to choose the system they were comfortable using. We didn’t want to dictate to the customer that they had to accept a singular supplier that Power Curbers has designated.  We want to maintain maximum flexibility for our customers.”