The SP 124(i) Slipform Paver

The Wirtgen SP 124(i) Slipform Paver features a 12-meter paving width, four swing arms, and a new dowel bar inserter.

The SP 124i Slipform Paver
Wirtgen Group
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The SP 124(i) is a 4-track paver that can be configured for paving at a working width of 12 meters and fits seamlessly into the fleet-wide operating concept of slipform pavers from WIRTGEN. The machine is fitted with the latest generation of the integrated dowel bar inserter. The dowel bars are extracted from the magazine by a chain feed system with an endless chain and automatically transported to the insertion location. “Smart” cylinders with displacement sensors precisely position the dowel bar inserter at the desired locations. The high degree of automation reduces the proportion of manual work required, increases process reliability, and, ultimately, the cost-effectiveness of the process.

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