Slash Concrete Construction Operating Costs in Half with Wirtgen's WPS 102i

The powerful, fast folding feeder conveyor features an intelligent control concept and guarantees maximum concrete availability for the slipform paver following behind it. Learn more about the features of the Wirtgen Placer Spreaders.

The Wirtgen Placer Spreader (WPS) 102i operates at the head of the paving train. It can travel over pre-placed rebar, taking on fresh concrete from a truck driving alongside and spreading it out on the roadbed for the paver following behind, saving time and money.

While in EcoDrive, the machine saves contractors both time and money, helping them cut the costs of operation in half.

The machine can place concrete at working widths of 13 to 39 feet and at thicknesses of up to 20 inches at a uniform rate.