Putzmeister America Reintroduces Allentown Shotcrete Products

After discontinuing several products in 2017, Putzmeister plans to reintroduce a range of Allentown Shotcrete machines back to the market.

Putzmeister America Reintroduces Allentown Shotcrete Products
An Allentwon N-2 Gunite machine.
Allentown Shotcrete Technology Inc. - Division of Putzmeister
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Putzmeister's Allentwon shotcrete products have returned to market availability with a more complete equipment portfolio with updated machines and better overall coverage of the small line sector. 

The machines to be reintroduced will come in phases and include the following.

  • The N-2 Gunite machine
  • The R900
  • The PD-1 Predampener
  • The MR-3300 Electric
  • The Magnum Pump Tier 4F
  • The A3 Tommy Gun Tier 4F

As part of the overall product, Putzmeister Mortar Technology and Putzmeister America will be working closely together to strengthen the representation of all small line machines within the Putzmeister global network.

“We are fully committed to give the small line machines their required focus and are happy to announce that we have created a small team to tackle this important revitalization of Allentown machines, said Bastian Dreher, Sr. Dir. Special Applications for Putzmeister America. “With this project, we will be a strong partner and prime supplier for small line applications to all of our customers in this field.”

Several Allentown and motor machines were discontinued in 2017.