[VIDEO] Proper Driving Techniques for Concrete Pumpers

The American Concrete Pumping Association addresses the No. 1 safety hazard for concrete pumpers.

The American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA) has released an updated Proper Driving Techniques video. In the video, the ACPA provides safety practices proven to help concrete pumpers avoid driving accidentsthe most common types of accidents involving concrete pumps. Produced in conjunction with Nations Builders Insurance Services Inc. (NBIS), the video’s new content addresses the most current driving practices of concrete pumpers.

“Approximately 2/3 of incidents involving pumps occur on the roadway,” says Kyle Rask, program manager, concrete pumping, NBIS. “The biggest hazard pump operators face every day is driving to and from the jobsite, according to statistics. Our goal for the video is to bring a renewed focus to safe driving practices. If pumpers can’t get to the jobsite safely, they can’t do the job."

“We are proud to offer the video free of chargenot just to the industry, but also to the publicbecause concrete pumps make use of public roadways, which affect all drivers on our highways and roads,” addss Tom O’Malley, chair of the ACPA Safety Equipment and Applications Committee. “Our goal is that people would not just view the video, but also share the video with others. Together, we can help keep our nation’s roadways safe.”

For more information about the Proper Driving Techniques video, contact the ACPA National Office at (614) 431-5618 or email acpa@concretepumpers.com.