Allen HP205 Riding Trowel

High-performance, twin-engine, gas-powered ride-on power trowel provides an alternative to diesel in the 10-ft. rider class

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The HP205 is a high-performance, twin-engine, mechanical drive ride-on power trowel that provides an alternative to diesel in the 10-ft. rider class. It utilizes twin 37-hp Kohler EFI gasoline engines, along with torque-converter clutches that produce optimal low speed torque for float panning, as well as high rotor speed for burnishing concrete.

  • Two 6-gal. fuel tanks provide extended and equal run time for each engine
  • Two 57.6-in.-diameter, six-blade non-overlapping rotors
  • Rotor speeds from 45 to 180 rpm
  • Power steering controls
  • Electric-powered spray system for retardant application
  • Cruise control for ease of operation

Brochure: Allen Engineering HP205 Riding Trowel

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