Lavina LP36 Ride-on Power Trowel

Lavina LP36 Ride-on Power Trowel
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The Lavina LP36 is an all-new ride-on power trowel from Superabrasive. 

  • Equipped with two 36-in. floating pans with four Trowel Shine Tools Holders on each pan. 
  • Powerful Kawasaki FX1000V engine with Lavina Fuel Minder for closed loop fuel management and optimal performance.
  • Heavy-duty shroud protects walls from slurry.
  • Integrated wheel set lifts the trowel (200 mm) for changing blades and tools quickly and easily. One person can raise and lower the integrated wheel, using a jack at the rear of the machine.
  • Continuously variable transmission provides superior performance by continually adjusting the drive ratio to obtain optimum torque and speed during all phases of finishing from low speed high torque to high speed burnishing.
  • LED lighting for better visibility.
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