Superior Walls Insulated Precast Foundation Panels Approved for Green Points

NAHB Research Center increases green approved product points towards National Green Building Certification.

NEW HOLLAND, PA - Builders starting new home projects can now earn three additional points (for a total of 13 potential points) towards National Green Building Certification when using energy-efficient Superior Walls insulated precast concrete foundation panels.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research Center first awarded the Green Approved designation to Superior Walls Xi and R-5 foundations in 2009, allowing builders the chance to earn up to 10 program points towards National Green Building Certification. The organization now has approved the opportunity for builders to add three additional points for practice #903.2.2, “capillary break is added on footing” when foundation walls are set on a minimum of four-inch thick gravel beds with appropriate foundation drainage.

The Green Approved Products Certificate #00071 provides builders the following points for the use of Superior Walls foundation systems:

  • Practice 601.2 – 3 points – Structural systems/advanced framing techniques optimize material usage.
  • Practice 601.5 (1-3) – 4 points – Precut/preassembled components, panelized, or precast assemblies are utilized for a minimum of 90% of floor, wall, and/or roof system.
  • Practice 607.1 – 3 points – Products containing fewer materials are used to achieve the same end-use requirements as conventional products.
  • Practice 701.4.3.1 (1) – Mandatory – Insulation is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or local code. Mandatory for certification.
  • Practice 903.2.2 – 3 points – Capillary break is added on footing.