Cemen Tech Employees Envision Design for New Mixer Feature

The swivel ring material deflector is a design idea that emerged from the Cemen Tech employee idea program

Cemen Tech, the world's largest manufacturer of volumetric concrete mixers, announces another new innovative feature through their employee idea program with design of the swivel ring material deflector.

The deflector is located on the back of the mixer swivel ring and channels all sand and stone directly into the mixer hopper and creating a smooth consistent flow for the proper measurement of materials.

As a 100 percent employee owned company Cemen Tech Inc. has long promoted and used both employee and customer driven suggestions to improve their products. This simple concept has led not only to the above mentioned material defector but other innovative features and benefits such as the poly propylene water tank, the vibrator controlled timer cube, and the max life bearing system.

The material deflector is standard equipment on all Cemen Tech Mobile concrete mixers and provides customer and users of volumetric mixers an easier means to operate and maintain their equipment. To learn more about this product or other Cemen tech products please contact the Cemen tech sales department at 800-247-2464 or e-mail them at www.cementech.com.

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